Position Objective

  • Prevent loss by ensuring that effective strategies are developed in the areas of preparedness, training, and maintenance across all areas of responsibility, through the effective operation of the Security sections of the Health Safety and Security Department

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with investigations as directed by higher levels
  • Will provide guidance and assistance to security team members through emergency response while managing and monitoring security systems in Control Room. Provide and submit security related reports to Supervisor/ D. Superintendent as instructed
  • To carry out their duties diligently at all times, with the highest regard for the safety of themselves, other employees and the environment
  • All duties must be carried out in accordance with relevant legislation; NPMC safety, environmental and community relations policies; the NPMC Integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management System requirements; as well as departmental task procedures and manager/supervisor instructions
  • To ensure manning levels, investigations, tally man-hours worked, incidents, rosters and security reports are completed and maintained
  • Maintain high standards with regard to all administrative and general duties of the Control Room as well as in Security Control
  • To exercise strict confidentiality with regard to equipment, information, policy and procedure, whilst on and off duty
  • Maintain professional relations with all other departments of the NPMN at all times
  • Cooperate to ensure security for Company event/activities
  • Ensure that all security systems and equipment are fully operational at all times and that they are adequately maintained
  • Monitor all communication systems, Security Management and CCTV Systems vigilantly
  • Report any equipment malfunction, failure or breakage immediately

We are looking for qualified and driven individuals who have:

  • Graduated: University graduate
  • Medium knowledge of Security training and response strategies.
  • Medium knowledge of Mine Safety Act and Regulations
  • Medium knowledge in the field of risk assessment and risk management.
  • Knowledge of incident investigation practices to identify causes and remedial actions.
  • Competency and other requirements: Honesty, responsibility
  • Developed knowledge of supervisory styles and techniques with the ability to improve performance in others
  • English and Computer skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with others as part of a team and contribute to a harmonious working environment.
  • Enthusiasm, self-motivation and the ability to maintain direction and achieve work objectives with minimal supervision.
How to register

Please send us your resume via [email protected] and our Human Resources Team will contact you within 7 days.