Engineer – Geotechnical

Key Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain geotechnical systems of work in the open pit (and other areas as maybe required).
  • Visual inspection of working face
  • Liason with production supervisors
  • Ensure geotechnical mapping within the pit is performed and recorded in a systematic manner. From such mapping and data collection review wall designs and give recommendations about possible failure zones, mitigations and changes to design that maybe necessary.
  • Coordinate with survey to ensure that pit wall monitoring is performed, reported on and analyzed.
  • Coordinate with the environment depart to gather blast vibration data to understand and advise on drill and blast design work adjacent to pit walls
  • Install instrumentation as maybe required (extensometers, VWP’s, etc) to ensure that sufficient monitoring of the pit walls is undertaken. Perform periodic review of said monitoring data collected and if necessary provide recommendations to mitigate against possible pit wall failures
  • If necessary provide advice and recommendations of the installation of ground support as maybe required. If ground support is required ensure installation is to the required standard through a system of QAQC checks
  • Analysis/Review of mine/TSF designs with respect to geotechnical stability and optimal efficiency
  • Hazard areas are demarcated on pit walls and are displayed in appropriate plans
  • Report on data and actions performed
  • Analysis/Review  of mine/TSF designs with respect to geotechnical stability and optimal efficiency
  • Budget/quarterly plan for anticipated future geotechnical requirements
  • Review of planned vs actual geotechnical work in terms of activities, results and costs
  • Other tasks as required

We are looking for qualified and driven individuals who have

Experience, skill, knowledge

  • Bachelor Degree in Geological Engineering (or equivalent)
  • Extensive training and experience in the collection and analysis of geotechnical data in an open pit mining environment. Detailed exposure to current relevant geotechnical software packages. Good understanding of Surpac.  Good understanding of mining operations. Detailed knowledge and understanding of exploration and production geology.
  • 5 years of extensive experience in open pit mines with highly variable wall rock strengths. Good knowledge of mining and geology operations. Experience with identification and remediation of potential slope instability. Experience with using digital photogrammetry in identifying potential areas of instability.
  • Surpac, relevant, current Geotechnical Software for data collection and analysis, Microsoft Office

Competency and other requirements

  • Decision making
  • Analytical thinking
  • Planning, problem solving                            
  • Building relations, team work
How to register

Please send us your resume via [email protected] and our Human Resources Team will contact you within 7 days.