Material Controller

Position Objective:

As member of project team, the position will ensure that all the project material is well organized, controlled, managed as requirement, in terms of correct items, quantity, and good condition from the receiving of material, make readiness to use, until the issuance from the storage location for construction – installation works.

Key Role Responsibilities

  • Manage incoming material/ shipment, from receiving, identification, recording, until the issuance from storage/ warehouse for construction installation.
  • Provide visual inspection with QC, identify, verify material as per delivery, shipping document, update and log to inventory system
  • Ensure that all material received have proper identification ex : Mill Certificate, Heat no, Grade, Colour code for steel, part number, tagging, etc for equipment as per packing list, shipping document
  • Provide material incoming status report, discrepancy report, damage, and coordinate – communicate for any material issue
  • Maintain record, documentation on all primary construction structure steel, mechanical, piping material, not limited to pipe-fitting, valves, electrical & instrument material, and all other project material
  • Maintain storage, protection of all project material to ensure no damage
  • Ensure proper storage, protection all project material from missing, shortage, discrepancy and coordination with related team Security, Contractor to maintain secured Project/ Company asset
  • Handle, store, and ship raw, fabricated material, vendor equipment, parts in a manner that protects them from damage, and does not compromise the safety of personnel.
  • Coordinate with Contractors/Suppliers and internal warehouse team to manage project material and requirement.
  • Problem solving for any material issue across services functions and including commissioning, spare-parts materials for operations – maintenance, projects and shutdowns material and support
  • Continuous improvement driving innovative solutions to improve performance/productivity and reduce cost of service
  • Provide support and advise for material location, storage, and status to project team
  • Provide material issuance report, update material database, balance and status.
  • Maintain housekeeping for storage, laydown and wide areas of project material.

We are looking for qualified and driven individuals who have:

Qualification & Skills

  • College graduation
  • Computer skill spreadsheet (database/ inventory capability).


  • Sound knowledge of product material identification (size, type, rating, etc), inventory, management system and wide range of fabrication, installation, construction material, and Vendor equipment material.
  • Sound knowledge of proper material handling/ transfer, both with manual or any other handling/ lifting equipment, for loading – unloading, storing material.
  • Self-management, good communication, coordination and demonstrate ability to build, maintain good relationships
  • to lead by personal example and encourage other employees, Contractor to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable Laws, Safety standard and Company standard and Policies

Personal Qualities & Personal Behaviors

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Strong work ethic
  • English (essential)
How to register

Please send us your resume via [email protected] and our Human Resources Team will contact you within 7 days.