Security Control Room Operator/Officer

Position Objective

  • Manage, operate the Security Control room to ensure Company’s security and order due to tasks which Security/HSSE leadership assigned.
  • Due to tasks which Security leadership assign or authorize.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the registration of people, vehicles, goods, and materials entering / exiting the Company
  • Monitoring and monitoring the Company’s activities and operations via CCTV system
  • Recording, storing, managing the Company Security data system
  • (Support the Security leadership and Security Officer to control the activities of security guards via CCTV, walkie-talkie, group Zalo
  • (The switchboard receives and coordinates the Company’s emergency response information
  • Arrange the security staff’s schedule, and maintain the daily/weekly/monthly reporting of the Security department when authorized
  • Manage, store, distribute all kinds of documents, forms of Security
  • Manage the control room and CCTV system of the Company, review, extract, copy, provide data, CCTV images to serve the requirements of the BOD and the Security leadership.

We are looking for qualified and driven individuals who have:

Experience, skill, knowledge

  • Graduated: College and above
  • Knowledge (not limited)
  • Read, understand and apply procedures; Good use of English, office computer
  • Physical: Good health, meet company standards
  • Age: from 21 above

Competency and other requirements

  • Honesty, responsibility
How to apply

Please send us your resume via [email protected] and our Human Resources Team will contact you within 7 days.