About us

ChemiLytics is a company of the Masan High-Tech Materials Group, and is one of the largest state of the art industrial scale laboratories in Germany for inorganic elemental analysis and powder characterisation. With 70 highly qualified personnel working in teams operating 7 days a week, ChemiLytics offers analytical services in all market segments from the sunset industries of traditional manufacturing through to sunrise industries such as Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace Applications or E-Mobility. Typical samples analyzed include Tungsten ores, Tantalum and Niobium ores, all refractory powders and scrap, Si3N4, battery precursors and battery black mass, etc. ChemiLytics collaborates with customers allowing customization in service provision from traditional samples submissions through to developing individually customized solutions that can allow for the provision of on-line operational control sample analysis through to having the capability to develop specific analytical and technology applications for customers based on ChemiLytics unique service portfolio such as in the recycling industry. 

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