Tungsten Raw Materials Procurement

We purchase both primary and secondary raw materials from external suppliers with quality, quantity, and price consistent with the needs of our business

Our Profile

Masan High-Tech Materials is one of the world’s largest processors of tungsten raw materials with primary smelting/refining technology located in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam (Masan Tungsten Company) and secondary smelting/refining at Goslar, Germany (H.C. Starck GmbH). Masan High-Tech Materials’ raw material supply consists of:

  • Nui Phao Mine – the world’s largest tungsten mine outside of China, a wholly owned subsidiary of Masan High-Tech Materials.
  • Purchased tungsten concentrates and tungsten intermediates – we procure primary raw materials from the market to supplement our internal production, guarantee supply stability, and leverage free market pricing and availability.
  • Secondary tungsten materials – we procure all forms of tungsten containing scrap and revert.

Our process engineers and operators are experts in hydrometallurgy and have decades of experience in tungsten extractive chemistry. This enables MHT to get the most out of lower grade feeds, and ‘difficult’ to treat materials.

Recycling – Go Green

Masan High-Tech Materials is committed to recycling and promoting the benefits of a circular economy, our subsidiary H.C. Starck GmbH is a world leader in the recycling of materials containing tungsten. H.C. Starck has over a century of experience processing tungsten scrap and is able to extract pure tungsten from almost all forms of tungsten scrap and production waste. Learn more about how we can help you to recycle here.

Supplier Management

We work with a broad range of suppliers across the supply chain including Mines, Generators, Collectors/Processors. We invite approaches from new suppliers and are always available to explore opportunities and assist with inquiries. Supplier selection is driven by a process of competition, evaluation, and strategic optimization, and is governed by our Global Procurement Policy and Supplier code of conduct, with the aim of creating business value for MHT and our partners.

If you are interested in doing business with Masan High-Tech Materials please submit your company information to the contact partners below.

Responsible Sourcing

Masan High-Tech Materials is committed to ensuring best practices with respect to safety, health, environment and ethics at all stages of its supply and production chain. Masan High-Tech Materials fully supports the activities of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and adheres to its due diligence guidelines for Responsible Supply Chains and Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

Our two smelting/refining sites are audited annually by the RMI and are RMAP Conformant. Relevant compliance documents can either be found in the compliance section of this page or available on request.

What we buy

Tungsten Ore ConcentrateWe purchase most forms of marketable ore concentrate; Scheelite, Wolframite (Ferberite/Hubnerite), Composite ore, with a wide range of acceptable WO3 % contents, and impurity specifications.
Tungstates – ST/CTUnrefined tungsten salts such as Calcium Tungstate / Sodium Tungstate are increasingly commonly traded tungsten raw materials. We purchase crude Tungstates; Sodium Tungstate, Calcium Tungstate (Synthetic Scheelite), Tungstic Acid.
Spent CatalystWe purchase tungsten containing spent catalysts such as those used for Hydrocracking or Selective Catalytic Reduction (DeNOX) applications.
Tungsten ScrapWe purchase a wide range of tungsten scrap types, both for MTC and for onward processing at H.C.Starck.

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