Sustainability is a significant part of the company strategy. We integrate sustainability into all activities of the company’s development journey and community’s development.

Sustainability Governance Structure

To assess, improve and enhance the efficiency of sustainability implementation at the Company and community, we established 2 committees named CHESS and Energy. The periodic meeting of the committees will be organized to review activities within the term and encourage initiatives contribution of employees.

Sustainability Through Innovation

We continuously research and innovate our technology to optimize the entire mineral and metal processing chain and focus on customer solutions through our state-of-the-art Research and Development centers in Germany and in Vietnam to maintain. These not only secure the company’s global technological leadership position in minerals and metal processing but also expand it further into new fields and different areas.

Sustainability Raw Materials

We forged 2 principles on raw materials sourcing management: The continuous expansion of recycling activities and a fair, ethical and environmentally-friendly raw material sourcing. Besides, we minimize ore loss and dilution and look at opportunities to generate revenue projects that will help save resources to expand mine life, reduce cost and increase revenue.

Sustainability Processing

We apply new technologies from research and innovation to our processing activities to increase the product recovery rate and develop advanced products. Our plants are maintained periodically to ensure continuous operation and enhance production efficiency.

Sustainability Supply Chain

We understand the sustainable supply chain management involves integrating environmentally and financially viable practices into the complete supply chain lifecycle from transportation, warehousing, distribution, consumption, return and disposal. Therefore, we operate the supply chain management to assist our organizations in optimizing our end-to-end operations to achieve greater cost savings and profitability.

Sustainability Health and Safety

We build safety culture in our working place and make efforts to ensure safety for both work people and operation by safety compulsory policy and strict compliance with the safety standards.

Sustainability Environment

We fully comply with the environmental law and encourage our people to put forward initiatives for environmental protection. Our Company is applying international standards to our operations such as ISO, 5S and Kaizen. We promote environmental protection awareness for the local community and assist in environmental protection initiatives.

Sustainability Human Resources

We identify our people as one of the critical success factors of the organization. We do our best to implement an effective global human resources strategy by designing, operating and developing our organization based on diversity and respect for local culture. We are consistent in carrying out our mission, vision and core values by realizing from the stage of selection, arrangement, evaluation, fair treatment, and learning culture to improve labor productivity globally. We promote the spirit of innovation and creativity of all employees in the organization, especially developing a team of talented young leaders who are flexible and adaptable.

Sustainability Community

We accompany our community by providing better living standards through economic restoration and financial support programs to ensure the development of livelihood. We also support the community in improving local infrastructure such as schools, roads and agriculture units. The Company builds strong relationship with the local community through our community communication transparency to ensure our sustainable development journey is fully applied.

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