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Bringing a warm Tet for the needy

Amidst the busy chaos in the end of the year, representatives of Masan High-Tech Materials visited a number of needy families to present warm and meaningful Tet gifts. On this occasion,…

Masan High-Tech Materials integrates global R&D activities under leadership of H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders

H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders is bringing together the research and development activities within the Masan High-Tech Materials Group in an integrated structure from January 2023.

Masan High-Tech Materials has been named to Vietnam Report’s Top 50 Vietnam The Best Awards in 2022

On 5/1/2023, Masan High-Tech Materials was honored in the Top 50 Vietnam The Best 2022 at the VNR500 awards ceremony, co-organized by Vietnam Report and VietnamNet.


On December 27th, NPMC cooperated with Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade and the Chemical Safety and Incident Response Center to organize the Provincial Chemical Incident Response Drill 2022. NPMC was honored to be the host of the program this year, with the participation of nearly 200 delegates, including the…

For fifth year in a row Masan High-Tech Materials was honored as “Vietnam Sustainable Business”

On 1 December 2022 at the Announcement Ceremony of Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam, Masan High-Tech Materials was honored by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as Top 100 Sustainable Business in Vietnam (CSI-100). This is Masan High-Tech Materials’ fifth year in a row participating in the ranking.

Nyobolt’s Tungsten Battery Technology selected as Finalist for the Financial Times ‘Tech Champions 2022’

This year's ‘Tech Champions’ features Energy as a focus of attention for innovators. Nyobolt, a startup funded by Masan High-Tech Materials has outperformed numerous excellent applicants to advance to the final round. The company is recognized as the pioneer in the development of ultrafast-charging tungsten-based battery technology.

Green approach to mining

Mr. Craig Bradshaw, CEO of Masan High-Tech Materials, shares his thoughts with VnEconomy on how the mining industry contributes to the green economy and sustainable development.

Masan’s ambition to turn Vietnam into a Tungsten recycling technology centre

Masan Group also seeks the Vietnamese Government’s support in reviewing and approving of the import of tungsten scrap to ensure stable raw material supply for the Tungsten Scrap Recycling Project.

Masan business looks forward to green branding

A subsidiary of Masan Group is investing in technology and innovation to introduce green products that benefit the community.

Tungsten battery lets businesses grab billion-dollar market share

The tungsten-based battery is a breakthrough solution in the use and storage of clean energy, aiding in reducing emissions and creating a greener and cleaner world. It is also helping Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT) and Nyobolt gain a billion-dollar market share in the global battery market.