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Nui Phao Mining hosts Thai Nguyen province’s 2023 chemical incident response drill

On September 12, Nui Phao Mining cooperated with the Environmental Safety & Technical Department of Thai Nguyen Industry and Trade Department to conduct a chemical incident response drill at the advanced…

Encouraging the application of advanced technology for maximizing mineral recovery

At the consultation Workshop on the Draft Law on Geology and Minerals held on September 15 in Quang Ninh province, there were numerous comments and suggestions regarding mineral mining fees and recommendations for policies on preferential treatment, taxes, and fees to incentivize mining entities to adopt advanced technologies for maximizing mineral…

Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam explored Nui Phao Mine in awe

CEO Craig Bradshaw, along with heads of departments, briefed the delegation with the Company's vision and achievements in Vietnam and other countries where we were present. In addition, the delegation had the opportunity to witness the Nui Phao polymetallic mine, the world's largest tungsten mine outside of China. Mr. Andrew Goledzinowski…

Every day at school is a joyful day

“A new school year has begun. This marks both a return and a fresh start for all of us, filled with beautiful and memorable moments in life. No matter what your age, grade level, whether you live in the mountains or plains, near borders or on remote islands... always keep in…

Million small dreams – One grand gesture

As a new school year arrives, the lively echoes of school bells resound, carrying with them determination and aspirations. Immersed in this cheerful atmosphere, on August 18, 2023, Nui Phao Company collaborated with the Provincial Promotion of Learning Association of Thai Nguyen to grant valuable scholarships to students facing challenging circumstances,…

Dai Tu’s widening of 6-metre-wide roads with the support of Nui Phao Mining

The expansion of neighborhood roads up to 6 meters wide is a movement launched by the Standing Committee of Dai Tu District Committee, Thai Nguyen province, demonstrated in Resolution No. 07-NQ/HU dated May 10, 2023. In response to the Resolution, Nui Phao Mining (NPMC) has decided to provide substantial in-kind support…

The Central Economic Committee Delegation visits Nui Phao Mining as a role model in labor relations

Establishing a harmonious labor relationship and fostering sustainable business development is not only the objective of every organization but also a societal responsibility. Over the course of 13 years in operation, Nui Phao Mining has become a prominent example of harmonious and progressive labor relations, benefiting both employees and the employer…

Masan High-Tech Materials ready for resilient manufacturing

Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT), the global leader in providing advanced tungsten materials used in key industries, is actively resuming business after the pandemic, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and resilience.

Could Vietnam become the world’s tungsten recycling hub?

Craig Richard Bradshaw, CEO of Masan High-Tech Materials, shares the company’s ambition to turn Vietnam into the world’s leading supplier of high-quality tungsten. Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT) is the third largest tungsten producer and supplier in the world and plans to expand its tungsten recycling business in Vietnam. The company is…

Nui Phao Mining continues the tradition of “Reciprocating Kindness and Gratitude”

Continuing the tradition of "Remembering the source when drinking water " and “Reciprocating Kindness and Gratitude", on the 76th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs Day (27/7/1947 - 27/7/2023), Nui Phao Mining has organized many practical and meaningful activities to pay tribute to the families of war invalids, martyrs and revolution…