Tungsten (W)

Tungsten is a unique element having the highest melting point of all metals, a density almost twice that of lead, and hardness close to that of diamond when in tungsten carbide form. Due to its unique intrinsic properties, tungsten is ideally suited to the needs of all major heavy industries, such as manufacturing, oil & gas, construction, energy, automotive, medical, electronics and aviation. Tungsten is also an essential element in the steel industry, where its usage ranges from the production of stainless steel, steel alloys to superalloys. The tungsten intermediate chemicals manufactured at Masan Tungsten LLC in Thai Nguyen end up in a wide variety of end-use applications. The majority of our customers further process these chemicals into tungsten carbides and tungsten metal powders, which in turn are further processed into a range of downstream products such as cutting tools and mill products.

Tungsten Raw Materials Procurement

We purchase both primary and secondary raw materials from external suppliers with quality, quantity, and price consistent with the needs of our business

Tungsten Intermediates

Tungsten Intermediate Chemicals are important precursors for the production of Tungsten Powders, Tungstates, Catalysts and Pigments.

Tungsten Carbide

When the going gets tough: Tungsten Carbide. The high-performance material is almost as hard as a dimond

Tungsten Chemical

Our tungsten chemicals can be used in a variety of ways. First and foremost, however, they serve as precursors for various catalysts such as…

Tungsten Metal

Outstanding properties for a wide range of applications: High-quality tungsten metal powder.

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