Human Resources Philosophy

At Masan High-Tech Materials, we value our employees’ valuable contributions and strive to create a safe, healthy, positiveand harmony work environment in which our employees can excel by utilizing their potential and achieve self-value.

The workforce development investment is, therefore, considered as the top priority in our business strategy. Employees arevalued through the continuous investment in their training and development, which aligns with the company’s business strategy.

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Career Roadmap

At Masan High-Tech Materials, the employees can access opportunities and career roadmap in a transparent manner through their performance and contributions that are evaluated and recognized annually. We have developed a clear career plan that is from workers, operators, assistants, next positions to reach the highest positions such as General Manager or Chief Executive Officer. The career roadmap is divided into two blocks: one career path for Office positions and the other for Plant positions, thereby, employees can choose a preferred career based on their qualifications and aspirations.

Recruitment Programs

Hot Vacancies