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Masan High-Tech Materials’ strategic materials awarded as “Vietnam Golden Product 2022”

Masan High-Tech Materials was the only representative in the high-tech materials sector honorably awarded “Vietnam’s Top 50 Leading Brands 2022” and “Golden Product 2022” by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association.

H.C. Starck invests in fast-charging battery maker Nyobolt

British fast-charging battery startup Nyobolt said on Friday it has raised 50 million pounds ($59 million) in Series B funding to build a UK manufacturing plant in 2023 to produce millions of battery cells.

Ambition with Tungsten mine in Thai Nguyen and untold things about the mineral industry of Masan High-Tech Materials

During an exchange with Young Intellectuals, MHT CEO held an iPhone in his hand and said passionately: usually rechargeable batteries will be degraded after 3 years of use and its quality is no longer as good as the original. . So how can these batteries work for 5-6 years? He explained…

A significant stride in the introduction of Tungsten into battery technology

H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders is jointly investigating the use of tungsten-based cathode coatings in lithium-ion batteries. After various tungsten precursors were first systematically examined for their suitability, the first coating tests have now started. This will be followed by electrochemical investigations.

Masan High-Tech Materials positions itself as leading global high-tech materials producer

“Masan High-Tech Materials will continue to invest in innovation to create the products for applied high-tech industries such as smartphones, electric vehicles, aeroplanes and submarines in coming years,” said MHT CEO Craig Bradshaw.

Masan High-Tech Materials: Climate change adaptation towards sustainable future

As one of Vietnam’s largest integrated industrial mineral and chemical producers, over the past years, Masan High-Tech Materials, an enterprise managing and operating Nui Phao polymetallic mine located in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province always consider the environmental protection is the key to the sustainable development. As a result, Masan…

Nui Phao – On Return Day

Returning to Nui Phao in an afternoon of May, Mr. Doan Van Hung was so moved when standing in front of the 90ha mining pit area of the Mine and trying to recall the location of the land where he was born and grew up. Instead of regretting, the veteran felt…

Masan High-Tech Materials: Safe work environment – A driver for sustainability

The implementation of occupational safety and health at the enterprises has been done inconsistently and ineffectively. Some enterprises still perform in a perfunctory and reactive manner, particularly small and medium enterprises still do not care for the occupational safety and health. There are still a lot of enterprises making every effort…

“A solid base on our cooperation journey”

Interview with Marc Roos, Global HR Manager, MHT

Masan High-Tech Materials: making growth through sustainability

lines as a trailblazer in sustainable development through its tireless efforts in adopting the three R’s of reduce, reuse, and recycle on both a national and global scale. Masan High-Tech Materials CEO Craig Richard Bradshaw and deputy CEO Hady Seyeda shared with VIR’s Le Luu on how the corporation is moving forward on…