320 free meals for high-school pupils during the graduation exam season

Jun 29, 2023

320 meals are guaranteed to be full of nutrients, carefully selected from clean ingredients, cooked, and packaged. These are practical actions that Nui Phao Mining Company undertook with a view to providing motivation for students to succeed in this year’s national high school graduation exam season at the examination site of Dai Tu High School, Thai Nguyen province on June 28-29.

It was earlier than 6am but Ha Thanh Restaurant (Dai Tu) – the place chosen to cook for the candidates was already filled with the voices and laughter of the volunteers. Everyone was busy preparing special meals for the students.

At 10 o’clock sharp, nutritious meals were delivered to the food distribution point at the gate of Dai Tu High School. After a tough exam session, meals were delivered directly to the students and volunteers did not forget to send good luck wishes before they entered the next exam session.

“The meals are very delicious and nutritious. I will try my best to pass the exam in order to not let down the people who care about us with their work and hearts.” – The students excitedly shared.

Mr. Nguyen Van Viet (Volunteer – Safety Department – Nui Phao Mining) shared: “The high school graduation exam is an important turning point in everyone’s life. When hearing about the exam season support program, I registered straight away to participate as a volunteer. I wish I could help the students a little bit during their exams. I hope that through these special meals the students will feel warm and motivated in these stressful exam days.” 

Nui Phao Mining is constantly recognized as a corporate brand with a strong commitment to social responsibility in addition to its commercial success. This year’s exam support activities have enormous practical value with the intent to reduce the exam pressure among the candidates, while demonstrating the goodwill and social responsibility of the company in serving the local community, especially in the field of education. 

In recent years, the company has always placed a strong emphasis on the young human resources of the country by funding school construction, granting scholarships to pupils in need, directing and organizing vocational training classes for students, etc. The Company also created opportunities for students to tour, study, and work at the company’s production facilities, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the sector in which the company is participating.

With these relentless efforts, Nui Phao Mining is a typical example of a business that not only creates economic value for itself but also contributes to the sustainable development of localities and the country.

Source: Thai Nguyen Portal