Let’s PAL: Sowing the seeds of values for the future generation

Nov 14, 2023

60 students from Tan Linh Primary School (Dai Tu) have just embarked on a unique and unprecedented learning journey that both teachers and students have never experienced before. Through games and hands-on activities, they not only learn about environmental protection but also acquire skills in anger and stress management. This values-based and life skills development program is called Let’s PAL – Companion, co-organized by Nui Phao Mining, Tea Talk Vietnam and the Counseling, Research & Community Development Center.

“Are you ready, darling? Let’s clap in rhythm and sing ho-ho, ha-ha-ha. Then, lift your eyes to the sky, tilt your head back, smile, and feel your heart beating in sync within your chest…” These loving words from the teacher opened the door for 60 students from Tan Linh Primary School to step into a world of joy and connection. The schoolyard suddenly became lively, filled with vibrant energy, enthusiasm and excitement after the “Laughter Yoga” session. Sixty bright faces, sixty radiant smiles make the organizers of the “Let’s PAL” Companion program happier than ever.

Through six sessions covering various topics, pupils immersed themselves in a unique journey of learning and experience. Useful information was not only conveyed through theory but also through games and hands-on activities, creating a multi-dimensional and engaging learning experience, stimulating curiosity and creativity. From learning about waste classification and recycling, pupils not only understood the significance of environmental protection but also started practicing and classifying waste at home. Anger and stress management sessions helped them realize the value of maintaining calmness and finding positive solutions to conflicts in daily relationships. In the meantime, discussions on preventing sexual harassment provided important knowledge and equipped pupils with tools to protect themselves.

From these sessions, pupils not only acquire new knowledge but also access comprehensive trends for both the soul and body, as well as preventive measures for common mental health issues.

Phan Quoc Hung, a fourth-grade pupil, shares, “The classes are very fun and interesting. After the recycling class, I practiced waste sorting at home and in the classroom with my parents. I also like the sharing session about friendship and love; I understand the importance of trust, companionship, and sharing with friends. I want to become a ‘superhero’ who courageously protects my friendships.”

The story of the “Let’s PAL”  Companion program is not only a story of educational support but also a story of comprehensive care for the hearts and minds of the younger generation, marking an important step in building a strong and bright future society. Over the years, Nui Phao Mining has been an exemplary business with significant contributions to social welfare in the area, especially in supporting and encouraging the studious spirit of students in Thai Nguyen province.