Masan High-Tech Materials honored Top 10 Vietnamese Strong Brands 2022

Oct 13, 2022

Hanoi, October 12, 2022 – Masan High-Tech Materials has been named among the Top 10 Vietnamese Strong Brands Awards 2022 in the category of manufacturing and processing industry. The Company was the sole representative of the high-tech materials sector to honorably obtain this award.

With the theme “Creating and developing sustainable green strong brands”, the Vietnamese Strong Brands 2022 program recognizes and honors businesses with outstanding achievements in growth, sustainable development and contributions to the development of the community.

Masan High-Tech Materials win this prestigious award as a result of its tireless efforts to build its brand over the years as a trusted partner in the high-tech sector, constantly improving and providing advanced products that meet the world’s future needs. With the goal of improving product quality and optimize resources, the Company has focused on investing in modern technology lines, training professionals, manufacturing value-added products with high export value.

Masan High-Tech Materials performed strongly in 2021 despite the challenges of the global Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent impact to global supply chains and transport systems. One year of integrating the H.C. Starck Global Tungsten Powders business platform in Germany, Canada and China, Masan High-Tech Materials successfully transferred H.C. Starck’s technical expertise and more than 100 years of experience, while accelerating corporate restructuring globally for more efficient operation,  expand the market size and product portfolio. The Company’s revenue in 2021 reached VND 13,564 billion, up 86% compared with the previous year, creating jobs for about 2,000 employees with an average monthly income of VND 12.8 million.

Modern production technology, strict mining management processes, sustainability practices in harmony with the community, compliance with environmental protection regulations, implementation of energy saving and carbon neutrality initiatives which promote the benefits of the circular economy are the highlights at Masan High-Tech Materials in 2022. In addition, the Company has spent VND 69 billion contributing to economic and social activities in Thai Nguyen province, such as building social infrastructure for the community; promoting agricultural extension activities and creating sustainable livelihoods for people; caring about public health, clean water and sanitation; implementing microcredit, charity, capacity building programs for the community.

After successful transformation from a mining business to a high-tech materials manufacturing company, Masan High-Tech Materials continues to make the second move forward, which is to focus on research and development of highly applicable products towards becoming a global consumer technology business. Recently, Masan High-Tech Materials partnered with Nyobolt, a fast-charging Lithium-ion battery solution company based in the UK. Nyobolt is currently the world’s leading provider of fast charging high-tech battery solutions. Nyobolt expects to use Masan High-Tech Materials’ advanced tungsten material in the battery’s anode coating, giving the battery a record high capacity. Thus, it is possible that through new products and innovations such as Nyobolt’s batteries, Masan High-Tech Materials will come closer to the consumers – end-users who will directly benefit from the advanced Tungsten material technologies.

In addition, Masan High-Tech Materials continuously participates in high rankings of prestigious domestic and international organizations such as Top 50 Best Enterprises in Vietnam, Top 50 Sustainable Development Enterprises in Vietnam, Top 100 Largest Public Companies in Vietnam, Top 100 Vietnam Gold Stars, Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises in Vietnam…

Alongside with the prestigious awards mentioned above, the Vietnamese Strong Brand Award once again proves the continuous efforts of Masan High-Tech Materials. This is a worthy recognition for the Company to continue striving, affirming the value and position of a Vietnamese company ready to conquer the strategic vision of ‘Go Global’. In the future, Masan High-Tech Materials will be more of an integrated supplier of high-tech advanced materials. The company will cooperate with the world’s leading innovation businesses to research and develop advanced technology solutions and use the materials to create practical technology products that meet the needs of global consumers and industries.