Nui Phao Mining disseminates safe electricity use to students

Feb 22, 2023

On the morning of February 20, Nui Phao Mining Company Limited (Nui Phao Mining) and Ha Thuong Secondary School jointly held a dissemination session on safe electricity use for nearly 400 students of Ha Thuong Secondary School.

The dissemination took place in the assembly on Monday with the aim of educating and raising students’ responsibilities and awareness of safe electricity use and first aid treatment for electric shock. Nui Phao Mining disseminators organized quizzes and games with gifts that were popular and easy knowledge in electricity saving; using electricity safely and efficiently; skills to prevent electric shock; management and first aid of electric shock. The pupils found the dissemination session useful and well-received because the its contents were engaging, interactive and well taught through the “play-based learning” method.

Students practice first aid for electric shock victims under the instruction of Nui Phao Mining staff

Particularly, the dissemination session received a lot of attention from teachers and students owing to Nui Phao Mining’s excellent preparation for all areas, such as a comprehensive agenda, interesting visual aids, and close collaboration with the School Administration. As a result, the students gained knowledge about safe and efficient energy consumption, electrical shock prevention, and first aid treatment for electric shock. This also assisted teachers and students in learning more about the benefits of safe and efficient power use; minimizing electrical mishaps and providing electric shock first aid to safeguard the kids’ and their families’ safety and health.

Nguyen Gia Hung, a student of class 9A3 coming to the session early said: “Attending the dissemination session today has provided me with a wealth of important information on safe electricity use, electrical shock prevention and first aid for victims. Then, I can share this knowledge with my family and friends to spread it to others.”

Students enthusiastically answer questions on safe electricity use

Talking about the effectiveness of the dissemination session, Vice Principal of Ha Thuong Secondary School Nguyen Thi Ha said: “Through the dissemination session, the students are now aware of safe and efficient electricity use from their school age. They highly appreciated the objectives and meaning of the program. As a result, every family and society will be aware of the importance of safe and efficient electricity”.

Source: Thai Nguyen Newspaper