Offering 40 scholarships for the program “Light up Hope, assisting children to school – for your studiousness

Aug 30, 2022

On August 20 and 24 2022, in the atmosphere when the whole country is eagerly preparing for the opening ceremony of the academic year, the Dai Tu District Study Promotion Association and Thai Nguyen Province Study Promotion Association organized the 5th “Light up Hope, assisting children to school – for your studiousness” Program in 2022. On this occasion, the Company gave 40 scholarships worth VND 40 million to 40 outstanding disadvantaged students.

This is a Program with the noble and humanitarian significance of the Vietnamese nation, aiming to help and support the primary, secondary and high school students from poor and especially disadvantaged households of localities in the district area, facilitating them to overcome obstacles and strive to get better academic results.

This year, the Company gave 40 scholarships worth VND 40 million to 40 outstanding disadvantaged students, of which:

  • Giving 10 scholarships (VND 1.000.000 each) to 10 children of disadvantaged employees working at the Company
  • Giving 20 scholarships (VND 500.000 each) to 20 disadvantaged students in Dai Tu district
  • Giving 10 scholarships (VND 2.000.000 each) to 10 children disadvantaged students in Thai Nguyen province

Tran Quoc Viet was born in 2009 and is studying in class 7A2 at Ha Thuong Secondary School. His father is suffering from sickness. His mother is the breadwinner in the family and is currently a worker at Nui Phao Company. He said: “I am very happy to receive the gift from Nui Phao Company, my family faces a lot of difficulties, and my mom has to work hard every day. I’m going to put in extra effort to succeed in school because I love my mum so much. When I’m grown, I aspire to have the opportunity to work for Nui Phao Company”.

These small but meaningful gifts are the affection of all leaders and employees of the Company for the children. It is hoped that these gifts will be an encouragement and motivation for them to meet their new academic goals and succeed in life.

Over the past 10 years, Masan High-Tech Materials has always paid attention to and supported the learning encouragement movement in general, as well as supported and assisted poor and disadvantaged children in Dai Tu in particular. The support of the Company has contributed to easing difficulties for the children and helping them to thrive in academic results. Until now, a lot of those have grown up and become useful citizens for society.