Provincial Chemical Incident Response Plan Drills at NPMC

Dec 28, 2022

On December 27th, NPMC cooperated with Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade and the Chemical Safety and Incident Response Center to organize the Provincial Chemical Incident Response Drill 2022.

NPMC was honored to be the host of the program this year, with the participation of nearly 200 delegates, including the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, the Director of Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade, other representatives of Thai Nguyen government leaders, NPMC and media…

The chemical chosen for the Incident Response Exercise was Sodium Cyanide (NaCN), with 99% content. The hypothetical situation was as follows: During the crane transporting NaCN to the loading hopper, the crane breakage occurred, the NaCN container was dropped to the ground and a leak occurred in the crane area. Then the upper part of the crane collided and caused the rupture of the water pipeline system near the NaCN intake area, resulting in a reaction between NaCN and water to form toxic gases released into the surrounding environment. The rehearsal consisted of 4 stages: Detecting and notifying the incident; Deploying on-site response forces; Mobilizing external forces to participate in rescue and response to chemical incidents; Remediating consequences after the incident.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Chinh – Director of the Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade – emphasized “The success of the drills was largely due to NPMC’s excellent planning, close cooperation, and a strong sense of accountability. Following the Prime Minister’s Directive 03 on strengthening the prevention and response to toxic chemical incidents, the entire province should take part in this crucial activity to make sure the chemical incident response mechanism is functioning properly. At the same time, this is a chance to spread the word and increase responsibility for responding to chemical incidents at Thai Nguyen in the future.”

Before the drill, the delegates were shared about the operation and the development orientation of Nui Phao Company in the coming time. The delegates highly appreciated the modern production process, the application of high-tech products as well as the company’s proactive prevention and response to incidents.

The drill is a crucial practice session for the province’s various stakeholders to enhance their ability to act, be prepared to respond and handle a chemical incident quickly and effectively, and always be proactive with potential problems in their business activities.

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