“A solid base on our cooperation journey”

May 13, 2022

Interview with Marc Roos, Director of Masan High-Tech Materials Global HR

Marc Roos has been the Director of MHT Global HR since October last year. Born in New Zealand, graduated with a PhD in Science from Swiss Federal University of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland before embarking on a 20-year career in Human Resources Management. He comes to us with a wealth of global experience having worked for companies such as Shell, Glencore, and Weir Engineering in a range of locations including Cameroon, France, Russia, Netherlands, Mauritania and Qatar. He spent three months in Goslar training his German HR colleagues and getting to know the management team there.

Mr. Marc Roos, Global HR Manager, MHT

How would you describe your mission at MHT?

My job is to develop the functionality of the organization’s human resources, thereby enhancing the performance and effectiveness of colleagues at all levels, functions and positions. In order to do that, we have to meet the requirements of Masan company on the one hand and take into account the general conditions of the labor law on the other hand.

What are the key challenges in this position?

I consider intercultural exchange as the biggest challenge. In addition to the obvious international cultural and linguistic differences, there are also differences between generations, educational staff, departments and other groups. Each of them may has the wrong view. My job is to create awareness and ensure the integration of alternative perspectives and approaches into our work. If successful, we can develop and implement more innovative solutions and thereby expand our market foothold.

What do you want to achieve in Goslar and have you successed?

My main interest is to get to know the Goslar team and work directly with them. Due to the COVID epidemic, there are very few face-to-face exchanges but instead meetings through MS or Zoom groups, but to be honest, there is still a limit to how we interact with each other.

The process of collaborating with the professional and dedicated team in Goslar has been very well. At the same time, I have also built connections with global MHT HR and management colleagues in all international locations. This is certainly just the beginning, but it also forms a solid basis for our collaborative journey.

What are your next goals?

I am so glad that I came to Vietnam with my family and was able to meet my colleagues there face-to-face, with whom I had only been in contact through e-mail and group calls for so long. Now I want to contribute with my commitment to keep “ONE MHT” in the hearts and minds of the workforce, and in the systems and processes as well.