Every day at school is a joyful day

Sep 05, 2023

“A new school year has begun. This marks both a return and a fresh start for all of us, filled with beautiful and memorable moments in life. No matter what your age, grade level, whether you live in the mountains or plains, near borders or on remote islands… always keep in mind that education is an important mission throughout your life”. These were the heartfelt words from President of Vietnam Vo Van Thuong, addressed to 23 million students nationwide on the joyous occasion of the back-to-school day (September 5, 2023). At Doi Can High School (Dai Tu District, Thai Nguyen Province), the joy was even more unique because today marked the school’s inauguration, and heard the first bell of the new academic year.

Within the hearts of each student at Doi Can High School today lies an indescribable joy as they step into a school that still carries the scent of fresh paint. This moment marks the beginning of an educational and developmental journey, along with all the hopes and dreams. This is the only school in the district that has been completely newly built and put into use this academic year. Moreover, the happiness and excitement spreading through every corner of the classrooms today also stem from another reason: a special gift from Nui Phao Mining – the lush green trees on the school grounds.

The management and all employees of Nui Phao Mining believe that, in addition to providing environmental benefits, trees are also symbols of growth. Like young saplings, they need care and nurturing to grow into mature trees, and then further develop as part of a vast forest. Similarly, the students at Doi Can High School are being nurtured and educated every day to become useful citizens for society and the country.

On this back-to-school day, representatives from Nui Phao Mining attended the opening ceremony and gave meaningful gifts to other schools in the district, including library bookshelves, sports equipment, courtyard umbrellas, etc., with a total value of nearly VND 90 million. This action demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting community development with a focus on creating positive impacts on the future generation of the country.

On the occasion of the new school year, representatives of Nui Phao Mining came to visit the four-kid family of Nguyen Thi My Uyen (Son Ha commune, Hung Son town) whose father passed away due to a work accident. Uyen is the eldest sister in the family and their mother has been struggling since the loss to make ends meet. Although all of the kids study very hard and consistently obtain good grades, getting to school every day has become a heavy burden for their mother. Therefore, Nui Phao Mining sent a gift of VND 10 million in the hopes that it would not only aid them financially but also encourage them, lift their spirits, and help them prepare for the upcoming school year.

“We sincerely thank Nui Phao Mining for the encouragement on the threshold of the new school year,” My Uyen shared. “This gift is a huge source of motivation for the four of us, helping us overcome difficulties and continue to strive in our studies”.

Mr. Phan Chien Thang, Director of Media, Community, and External Relations at Nui Phao Mining, stated: “The company always places special emphasis on education support for the younger generation’s future. Therefore, we continuously support educational activities in the community. We hope this small gift will help inspire enthusiasm among the students on the first day of the new school year.”

Despite any doubts or concerns as we step into the new school year, let us all move forward with determination, overcome challenges, and create new and meaningful values for the young generation – the future owners of our nation“. In response to this call by President Vo Van Thuong, the management and employees of Nui Phao Mining are devoted to continuing to accompany the students in Dai Tu District, and Thai Nguyen Province in general, as they pursue their educational goals in order to create a bright future filled with knowledge, zeal, and love.