For fifth year in a row Masan High-Tech Materials was honored as “Vietnam Sustainable Business”

Dec 02, 2022

On 1 December 2022 at the Announcement Ceremony of Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam, Masan High-Tech Materials was honored by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as Top 100 Sustainable Business in Vietnam (CSI-100). This is Masan High-Tech Materials’ fifth year in a row participating in the ranking.

Possessing modern production technology, Masan High-Tech Materials adopts smart management process, and adheres strictly to environmental regulations. The company is seen as a role model in implementing carbon neutral initiatives, promoting a circular economy, and saving energy. These are the important highlights in the sustainability journey at Masan High-Tech Materials over the year 2022.  

Masan High-Tech Materials has fully met the rigorous screening criteria based on the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) developed by the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD) for Vietnamese enterprises. As a measure of the value of enterprises based on the sustainability criteria in the economic, environmental and social sectors, CSI is also a tool for measuring and managing governance policies to make business operations more sustainable. The CSI-100 award is a recognition of the company’s 2022 achievements and sustainability efforts throughout the years.

“Masan High-Tech Materials is extremely proud to be honored in the Top 100 Sustainable Business in Vietnam.  We are always aware that the long-term success of businesses must be linked to elements such as legal accountability, community responsibility, and working together to solve society’s challenges”, said Mr. Phan Chien Thang – Director of Media, Community and External Relations.

In light of the global trend of accelerating a circular economy to achieve sustainable development goals, Masan High-Tech Materials continues research and planning for construction of the first the first Tungsten recycling plant in Vietnam. The project aims to turn Vietnam into the region’s leading technology centre for recycling tungsten and precious metals, thereby reducing reliance on primary raw materials from mining activities.

Notably, to meet the trend of using clean fuels in the world Masan High-Tech Materials has invested in Nyobolt’s fast-charging battery technology and introduced the use of Tungsten into the manufacturing of safe electric batteries. With its recycling strengths and technological investment, Masan High-Tech Materials is among the pioneering companies in Vietnam to enter the fast-growing electric battery industry. The company is expected to soon become an innovation leader in the global consumer technology products, with safe and high-efficiency rechargeable Li-ion battery being the first-to-market.

Source: Thai Nguyen Newspaper