Masan High-Tech Materials: Climate change adaptation towards sustainable future

Jun 09, 2022

As one of Vietnam’s largest integrated industrial mineral and chemical producers, over the past years, Masan High-Tech Materials, an enterprise managing and operating Nui Phao polymetallic mine located in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province always consider the environmental protection is the key to the sustainable development. As a result, Masan High-Tech Materials has been recognized and awarded as “Sustainable Development Enterprise in Vietnam” for many years.

Strict management and proper treatment of the waste sources

At Nui Phao mine, most of wastewater from Oxide Tailings Cell (OTC) and Sulphide Tailings Cell (STC) will be recirculated to the processing plant for reuse, part of it is pumped into the Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment before discharging into environment.  Nui Phao Wastewater Treatment Plant has a capacity of 36,000 m3/day using the most advanced European technology. At the discharging points, Masan High-Tech Materials has installed and operated automatic and online wastewater monitoring stations to monitor the wastewater quality before discharging into environment. The post-treatment wastewater meets the permissible limits under the discharge License by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. In addition, domestic, normal and hazardous wastes are collected, sorted at source and transferred to the competent contractor for handling. MHT has also invested in environmental rehabilitation and restoration at the mine site. At H.C.Starck – a subsidiary of Masan High-Tech Materials, most of the wastes from production are therefore recycled to minimize costs for treatment and environment protection. In 2021, the total recycled waste was more than 5,700 tons, of which recycled waste accounting for 48%, recycling rate of types of wastes at HCS plants was up to 75%, etc.

Environmental restoration and rehabilitation

The green forests and trees at Nui Phao mine make the landscape of this leading polymetallic mine look like a peaceful town. “Environmental restoration and rehabilitation at mining areas has achieved soil stabilization. As a result of periodical care, the restored and rehabilitated areas from previous years have reduced the corrosion, improved the soil and ecosystem, etc.” said Mr. Tran Van Tuan – Manager of Environment Department. Last year, the Company completed the environmental restoration and rehabilitation for about 2.4 hectares at waste dumps and soil disturbed areas during the mining and processing. Since its operation, the total of restored and rehabilitated area has been up to 60 hectares. In addition, the Company also implemented planting trials of local hard wood trees to conduct survey and assess capability of using these trees for the environmental restoration and rehabilitation program in the future.

Towards sustainable measures

With the increasing of climate change, the development of green industries towards carbon neutrality, gradually getting rid of fossil fuel “empire” is an inevitable trend of sustainable development. In response to the climate change according to the Climate Pact by the United Nations, Masan High-Tech Materials has formulated its corresponding climate policy with the aims of reducing carbon emissions by developing processes, use of new technology and renewable energy. From 2018, the Company deposited VND 1.5 billion to Thai Nguyen Forest Protection and Development Fund to reforest 26.7 hectares of forest which had been compensated and site cleared for the implementation of Nui Phao project. From this fund, Thai Nguyen Forest Protection and Development Fund used this amount of money to plant 50 hectares of protection forest and special-use forest in Bao Linh, Dinh Bien and Phu Dinh communes (Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen province). According to the initial calculation, the amount of CO2 accumulated from the area of planted forests under the annual restoration and rehabilitation method and the area of reforestation in Dinh Hoa district is a bridging method which requires special focus to implement towards the aim of carbon neutrality and climate balance. In addition, the Company also has a plan to develop and install a solar farm at Nui Phao mine.

Afforestation and reforestation activities at Nui Phao Mining

Mr. Ashley McAleese – General Operations Manager shared: “Currently, Masan High-Tech Materials is closely monitoring the road map of development and implementation time of carbon credit market in Vietnam, as well as the completion of legislative framework for this activity, be ready to take the lead in participating in the carbon credit market, contributing to the common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental protection”.

With specific measures as well as the focused investments in the environmental protection, Masan High-Tech Materials step by step affirm its position of a leading integrated supplier of high-tech advanced materials, making a significant contribution to the development of Thai Nguyen province and Vietnam in the road map of international integration and going global.