Masan High-Tech Materials has been named to Vietnam Report’s Top 50 Vietnam The Best Awards in 2022

Jan 07, 2023

On 5/1/2023, Masan High-Tech Materials was honored in the Top 50 Vietnam The Best 2022 at the VNR500 awards ceremony, co-organized by Vietnam Report and VietnamNet.

Top 50 Vietnam the Best are exemplary enterprises selected from VNR500 that not only boast an impressive growth rate in 2022 but also make significant contributions to the community, society and national budget during the integration period. Having met all the above criteria, winning this award continues to affirm the leading position of Masan High-Tech Materials in Vietnam’s industrial mineral industry with outstanding achievements in revenue scale, capital efficiency, stable and sustainable profit growth and strong corporate social responsibility implementation.

In the first 9 months of 2022, Masan High-Tech Materials recorded positive business results: net revenue reached VND 11,651 billion, up 21% compared to the same period last year; EBITDA increased by 36% to reach VND 2,548 billion; net profit allocated to shareholders reached VND 262 billion, a rise of VND 533 billion over the same period last year thanks to the increase in prices of tungsten, fluorspar and other products. Besides, the Company contributed over VND 1,054 billion in the State budget and approximately VND 2 billion to social security activities in Thai Nguyen province where its processing plants are located.

As an important part of the Masan Group’s strategy to enhance the technology consumer ecosystem, Masan High-Tech Materials continues to “shake hands” with partners worldwide to move on to the next level. The company put strong focus on research and development of highly applicable technology product solutions that better meet the needs of end users, aiming to become a global technology consumer business.

In July 2022, Masan High-Tech Materials invested in Nyobolt, a UK-based company specializing in providing fast-charging Lithium-ion battery solutions. Nyobolt’s technology employed advanced tungsten materials of Masan High-Tech Materials in the battery anode coating to manufacture ultrafast batteries of superior quality, capable of charging up to 90 percent in five minutes. With record-high power density and ultrafast charging speed, this new-generation battery will compensate for the shortcomings of conventional batteries, providing a better product experience that will help Masan High-Tech Materials reach end users who will directly benefit from its advanced materials technology.

With outstanding efforts and achievements in 2022, Masan High-Tech Materials has received numerous prestigious accolades, including: Top 100 Vietnamese Strong Brands; Top 100 Sustainable Enterprises; Top 500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500); Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises in Vietnam (FAST500), Enterprises for Employees, etc.  This is a worthy recognition for the Company’s perseverance that drives the Company to strive for greater heights in production and business results, affirming its strong position and brand in the domestic and global markets.