Masan High-Tech Materials: The 4th consecutive year in Top 50 Vietnam Best Growth

Apr 23, 2022

On April 22nd, Masan High-Tech Materials Corporation (Masan High-Tech Materials) was honored and ranked in Top 50 Vietnam Best Growth at the Announcement Ceremony of Top 500 fastest growing businesses in Vietnam (FAST500). Top 50 Vietnam Best Growth are the outstanding businesses in FAST500, not only maintaining an impressive growth rate in the period of 2017-2021, but also making significant contributions to the community, society and State budget during the integration period.

This is the 4th consecutive year that Masan High-Tech Materials has been honored in this ranking. The ceremony was held by Vietnam Report JSC in collaboration with online newspaper VietNamNet – Ministry of Information and Communications. This award continues to affirm Masan High-Tech Materials’ leading position in terms of business performance and growth rate in the economy of Vietnam.

In 2021, Masan High-Tech Materials hit a highest record ever, overcoming all challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the global supply chain and freight transportation system. A year of integration of H.C. Starck’s business platform in Germany, Canada and China, Masan High-Tech Materials has successfully transferred H.C. Starck’s technical expertise and experience of over 100 years, and promoted business restructuring globally, aiming for optimum operations, expanding market size and product portfolio.

The Company’s revenue achieved VND 13,564 billion, up 86% against the same period last year, creating jobs for approximately 2,000 laborers with an average monthly income of VND 12.8 million per capita. The modern processing technology, stringent mine management process, sustainable development policy with the community and compliance with environmental protection regulations, implementation of carbon neutral initiatives, energy saving are the highlights at Masan High-Tech Materials.

Besides, the Company has spent VND 69 billion to contribute to economic and social activities in Thai Nguyen province such as: constructing social infrastructure for the community; agricultural extension activities and sustainable livelihoods for local people; public health care, clean water and environmental sanitation; microcredit; charitable and humanitarian programs, capacity building for local people etc.

During its operation, Masan High-Tech Materials has successfully satisfied the following selection criteria: Being a consecutive enterprise named in the list of Top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises (VNR500); good capital utilization; potential for stable profit growth and good corporate social responsibilities; good environmental protection and social security activities. Masan High-Tech Materials has been presented this prestigious award in recognition of its efforts in sustainable development in face of a variety of difficulties and challenges. This is a worthy recognition for Masan High-Tech Materials’ relentless efforts and a driving force to strive towards higher goals in production and business activities, asserting its position and brand in both domestic and regional markets.