Nui Phao and Ha Thuong join hands in achieving the status of ‘Advanced New Rural Development’

Jul 21, 2023

On the morning of 20 July, Nui Phao Mining Company, in collaboration with the Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee of Ha Thuong commune (Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province), presented 1,500 waste containers to the locals. The Company also provided waste sorting at the source training for households and schools across the commune. This is one of the activities that Nui Phao Mining has joined hands with Ha Thuong in its roadmap to ‘advanced new-style rural development’.

Nui Phao Mining presented waste containers to households and schools in Ha Thuong commune

At the event, Nui Phao Mining representatives and Ha Thuong commune leaders presented 1,500 waste containers to households and schools, totaling more than VND 300 million. The Company also conducted propaganda training on waste sorting, collection, and processing for the people of Ha Thuong commune, making it simple to understand and applicable to their daily lives. This initiative aims to encourage active participation in building a green, clean, and beautiful environment throughout the entire commune.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hong, Secretary of Ha Thuong commune’s Party Committee shared: “Having operated in Ha Thuong commune for over a decade, Nui Phao Mining has played a vital role in both material and spiritual contributions to the locality’s overall development. The generous donation of 1,500 waste containers and the useful waste sorting training program are crucial for Ha Thuong commune to achieve our goal of becoming an ‘Advanced New-style Rural’ commune with better environment protection. This also showcases the Company’s strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to the locality development”.

With the habit of relying on plastic bags and foam bins for garbage storage, which impacts aesthetics and environmental cleanliness, the donation of waste containers by Nui Phao Mining brought excitement to households. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dinh from Bai Bong village, Ha Thuong commune, expressed his happiness and gratitude, stating: “I am delighted at the news of Nui Phao Mining giving over 1,500 new and convenient waste containers to all of Ha Thuong households. With guidance on waste sorting from Nui Phao’s environmental experts, we will immediately implement it in our daily lives. We now understand the need to preserve the green and clean environment and want to contribute to the ‘Advanced New Rural development’ of Ha Thuong commune”.

Over the years, Nui Phao Mining has remained at the forefront of corporate social responsibilities with significantly positive contributions to the socio-economic and cultural development of Ha Thuong commune. The Company has successfully implemented community support programs in various fields encompassing education, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and culture. The Company’s on-going support has paved the way for Ha Thuong to obtain remarkable achievements in its goal of becoming an advanced new-style rural commune.

Mr. Phan Chien Thang, Nui Phao Mining Director of Media, Community, and External Relations expressed: “Alongside production and business development, Nui Phao Mining has consistently stood by the community, fostering Ha Thuong’s socio-economic development and realization of the advanced new-style rural development goal. The Company actively funds infrastructure development, including electricity projects, roadworks, schools, stations, and cultural houses, among others. Till now Nui Phao Mining has reimbursed a support budget of VND 10 billion for various programs benefiting Ha Thuong commune. We hope  with all these meaningful programs, Ha Thuong will soon achieve its goal of becoming an advanced New-style Rural commune.”

By providing waste containers for a green-clean-beautiful environment and conducting waste sorting training for Ha Thuong people, Nui Phao Mining has helped to raise environmental awareness among nearly 1,500 local households. Through this effort, the Company has truly joined hands with the locality to fulfill the advanced new-style rural criteria, including vital environmental standards. This meaningful community support program also demonstrates the Company’s constant care and a strong commitment to uplifting the well-being of  Nui Phao Project’s affected households.