Nui Phao applies breakthrough digital technology in ore mining supervision

Jul 14, 2023

July 12, 2023 – With an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and a long-term vision for a circular economy, modern and sustainable mining, Nui Phao Mining was invited to deliver a speech in the “Digital Transformation in optimizing open-pit mining operations” conference at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG). Nui Phao Mining representative introduced advanced digital applications that the company has applied to improve efficiency in mining management and operation.

The conference “Digital Transformation in optimizing open-pit mining operations” is one of HUMG’s key events organized for experts to come network and discuss digital transformation solutions in the field of open-pit mining. The conference attracted over 50 participants, including HUMG professors, VIMLUKI experts, and representatives from major companies in the industry such as Vimico, Nui Phao Mining, Than Khanh Hoa, Thabis, Airrobotics, …

“Digital transformation in optimizing open-pit mining operations” conference

At the conference, Mr. Le Ngoc Son, Mining & Geology Superintendent of Nui Phao Mining, shared professional insights on the Company’s digital transformation resulting in remarkable achievements in mining supervision.

The introduction of blast movement sensor technology to monitor ore movement during blasting was a highlight of Nui Phao Mining’s digital transformation initiatives. By using cutting-edge technology and intelligent sensor systems, the Company has enhanced accuracy, safety and automation in blast movement monitoring, helping to minimize ore loss and dilution, and hence increase mining efficiency. Additionally, the Company has applied digital technology to track the movement of rock and soil during blasting. Equipped with advanced management software, mine engineers can accurately monitor and control the parameters of rock and soil, thereby improving blasting efficiency and minimizing environmental impacts.

In addition to open-pit mining technology advancement, Nui Phao Mining also designs and plans other mining activities and enhances its database management using state-of-the-art software and professional graphic tools, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing operational losses. The Company also streamlines management processes to achieve better flexibility and interaction between the plant and the site office in its daily operations.

Representative of Nui Phao Mining presented at the conference

“Nui Phao Mining is a subsidiary of Masan High-Tech Materials, the market leader in the supply of advanced tungsten materials. Therefore, mining and processing of tungsten raw materials are crucial for ensuring sustainable material supply. Leading in Vietnamese mining industry, the Company focuses on digital transformation and invests in advanced technologies in order to optimize our processes, creating a safe and efficient working environment”, emphasized Mr. Son. “We believe that as part of Masan High-Tech Materials’ innovations strategy, digital transformation will boost mining and production efficiency and contribute to the comprehensive development of the mining industry in Vietnam.”

Along with the participation and sharing of Nui Phao Mining and other top experts and businesses in the mining industry, the conference was a success in promoting digital transformation in open-pit mining. Nui Phao Mining demonstrated its dynamism and creativity in applying digital technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness in mining activities. This is an important step forward for Nui Phao Mining in establishing its leading position in the industry and affirming the Company’s commitment to long-term sustainable development.

Source: Thai Nguyen Newspaper