Nui Phao Mining continues the tradition of “Reciprocating Kindness and Gratitude”

Jul 27, 2023

Continuing the tradition of “Remembering the source when drinking water ” and “Reciprocating Kindness and Gratitude”, on the 76th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs Day (27/7/1947 – 27/7/2023), Nui Phao Mining has organized many practical and meaningful activities to pay tribute to the families of war invalids, martyrs and revolution contributors in Dai Tu district.

On July 27, 2023, representatives of Nui Phao Mining came to offer incense and flowers in memory of the Martyrs’ Heroes at the National Historical Site of July 27, and presented 40 gifts to 40 policy beneficiary families in Ha Thuong, Tan Linh, Phuc Linh communes and Hung Son Township of Dai Tu commune.

Previously, on the 13th and 14th of July, Nui Phao Mining, in collaboration with the Red Cross and the Dai Tu Healthcare Center, organized medical examinations, health consultations, and provided free medicine for more than 120 people who are policy beneficiaries and meritorious individuals in the two communes of Binh Thuan and Phuc Linh. During the program, the medical team was dedicated to health check-ups, whereby offering specialized treatment advice for those diagnosed with illnesses, providing guidance on suitable workout routines and eating habits to safeguard their health. Free medication was also distributed to policy beneficiaries. Every encounter, every story shared is an opportunity for us to understand and care, alleviating difficulties and bringing joy on this special day of gratitude. These activities also truly demonstrated Nui Phao Mining’s strong commitment to social responsibility and special concern for the families of war veterans and the community at large.

In a conversation with Mr. Nguyen Khanh Bao, a victim of chemical poisoning, he shared:  “As a soldier who experienced years of the hardships of life and death on the battlefield, I understand the importance of health for people. Therefore, every year I enthusiastically participate in the free health check-up and medicine program supported by Nui Phao Mining. The doctors are very dedicated, providing detailed explanations of my health condition and guiding me on the most appropriate diet and nutrition. Thanks to timely advice and encouragement from last year’s medical examination program, I was able to detect a number of diseases promptly.”

Over the years, Nui Phao Mining has always paid attention to and effectively implemented the movements of ” Reciprocating Kindness and Gratitude”,Remembering the source when drinking water” and “Caring for War Invalids, Martyrs, and Revolution Contributors Nationwide”, to ignite and promote the spirit of patriotism and the strength of solidarity. These practical annual activities reflect the Company’s long-term commitment to sustainability and community development.

Source: Thai Nguyen Newspaper