Nui Phao Mining hosts Thai Nguyen province’s 2023 chemical incident response drill

Sep 19, 2023

On September 12, Nui Phao Mining cooperated with the Environmental Safety & Technical Department of Thai Nguyen Industry and Trade Department to conduct a chemical incident response drill at the advanced Tungsten processing plant (MTC plant). The purpose of this drill was to enhance the effectiveness of chemical incident response and prevention. It also aimed to evaluate the forces involved in handling chemical incident situations in terms of their capacity for coordination, command, and response readiness.

The hypothetical situation unfolded as follows: A chemical solution was spilled in the sampling area of MTC plant. The initial cause of the spill was determined as a worker assigned to take samples. However, when the worker attempted to close the valve at the sampling point, the damaged valve could not be closed. Consequently, the chemical solution within the device continued to flow outward, releasing HS2 gas. When trying to close the valve, the worker was exposed to the hazardous HS2 gas, leading to disorientation. Panicked, he attempted to run out of the area but stumbled and sustained an injury to his right leg.

The drill practice consisted of four main stages: Activating the emergency response; Assessing the site and preparing for the incident; Arriving at the scene, providing first aid, and moving the victim; Responding to chemical solution spills.

As a result of the exercise, Nui Phao Mining’s ERT team practiced response situations based on the given scenario. In compliance with current legal regulations, quick and compact response plans were deployed to ensure the safety of people, the environment, and equipment. Besides being experts at locating casualties, providing first-aid and getting them to safety, the ERT crew demonstrated excellent coordination skills in controlling and securing the area.

The wellbeing and safety of employees come first at Nui Phao Mining. To educate new hires and keep existing employees up to date on chemical safety, the company regularly organizes chemical safety training sessions. Additionally, these programs teach workers how to handle spills or toxic gas leaks in the workplaces or in adjacent neighborhoods.