The Central Economic Committee Delegation visits Nui Phao Mining as a role model in labor relations

Aug 12, 2023

Establishing a harmonious labor relationship and fostering sustainable business development is not only the objective of every organization but also a societal responsibility. Over the course of 13 years in operation, Nui Phao Mining has become a prominent example of harmonious and progressive labor relations, benefiting both employees and the employer alike.

At the working session with the Central Economic Committee’s delegation on August 11th, representatives of Nui Phao Mining engaged in discussions and exchanges about the status of labor relations within the enterprise. As of March 2023, the company employed 1,242 workers. Aiming to recruit based on quality and suitability for positions, Nui Phao Mining affirmed its commitment to transparent and fair recruitment policies across all positions. This approach not only fosters trust among employees but also establishes a robust foundation for a positive work environment.

Going beyond the creation of favorable policies, the company also places considerable emphasis on implementing democratic procedures within the workplace. Regular dialogues with employees and emergency meetings are organized to ensure the company listens and responds to employees’ opinions and recommendations. This not only encourages participation but also demonstrates respect and timely responsiveness to employees’ concerns.

In his concluding remarks during the working session, Mr Do Ngoc An, Deputy Head of the Central Economic Committee, acknowledged and highly evaluated Nui Phao Mining’s tireless efforts in overcoming challenges in the recent past. Mr Do Ngoc An emphasized the fundamentally harmonious and compliant relationship between the enterprise and its employees. He stated “The working environment at Nui Phao Mining is assuredly equitable and just. Employees receive stable incomes and ample opportunities for development and advancement. The multinational composition of the labor force is also noteworthy, reflecting the company’s openness and diversity. A Vietnamese company that acquired a long-standing Germany company, owning production facilities across the globe, and gradually claiming the top global position in high-tech material manufacturing—this is genuinely admirable. This journey demonstrates the company’s resilience and innovation in confronting challenges and creating value”.

Mr Do Ngoc An, Deputy Head of the Central Economic Committee, acknowledged and highly evaluated Nui Phao Mining’s tireless efforts in overcoming challenges in the recent past

Additionally, Mr Do Ngoc An suggested that the company continue focusing on building its development strategy aligned with that of the Thai Nguyen province. He urged the company to maintain its commitment to innovation, while also being attentive to environmental processing and technology to foster a suitable and sustainable work environment. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of mitigating negative impacts on the surrounding community and environment.

With unwavering efforts over recent years, Nui Phao Mining has proven that maintaining harmonious labor relations and sustainable growth is achievable. The company’s commitment to employees, innovative management practices, and a global perspective have yielded significant achievements, creating real value for both employees and the community.